Greek Theatre Information
Flash photography and professional cameras (including those with detachable lenses, any form of camera stand or audio/video recording devices), laser pointers or other electronic devices are prohibited.
Outside Food & Beverages
Outside food and beverage is not allowed in the venue, however you may pre-order a picnic basket here or purchase food at the venue.
Also, please note that no bottles, cans, or coolers are allowed in the venue.
Quiet, Please!!!
As a courtesy to the performers and the audience, please keep all noise - including talking - to a minimum during the performance.
By law (LACC 17.04.645), smoking is not permitted in Griffith Park or on the grounds of The Greek Theatre, except in designated areas on the front plaza. Violators are subject to removal.
Children under five are not permitted inside the venue. Children five and older must have a ticket to enter.
Not allowed in the venue:
  • professional cameras
  • umbrellas
  • children under 5
  • coolers
  • glass bottles
  • cans
  • food
  • fireworks
  • non-prescription drugs
  • alcohol
  • weapons
  • laser pointers
Allowed in the venue:
  • empty or factory-sealed plastic water bottles
  • blankets
  • seat cushions
  • point and shoot cameras with no detachable lenses